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5 ways you can support local communities when you travel

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As a developing country, Pakistan needs to focus on responsibility and sustainability of tourism. Handled carefully, tourism helps host communities create jobs, reduce migration to urban areas, preserve culture and conserve natural resources. Here are five ways travellers can help create a positive impact through travelling: 1. Eat local - avoid big chains and food items which you can get back home. Instead, for a more authentic travel experience, choose small local restaurants which will help inject money directly into the community. 2. Shop local - give local vendors a chance and avoid too much haggling. 3. Live like a local - resorts are tempting but living in hotels near local communities help you better understand local culture. 4. Minimize your impact - travel responsibly. Take short showers. Don’t litter and don’t buy anything that involves real animals. 5. Do as the Romans do - respect local culture and their values.

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