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"Automotive Innovations" Published on June 25, 2019 on NShield Solutions website By Zia S. Hasan The word ‘technology’ excites everyone. When technology innovates our lifestyle, it becomes our expression – our modern identity. The only technology that is fast changing every material and processes around us, is Nanotechnology. It is nanotechnology that is improving information technology as well. It is an undisputed king of all technologies. Even for making robots (now nanobots), mobile phones, computer chips or modern cars, we need the use of nanotechnology. The displays on everything from iPods and cell phones to laptops and flat screen TVs are shifting to organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), made from plastic films built on the nano scale. As it is believed that speed thrills but kills, nano scientists have worked hard to produce cars that are super fast but offer better safety features. We have seen only the tip of the iceberg in Nano Automotive technology. Despite the n

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