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5 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Women Entrepreneurs By: Samrah Azam

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"Do's" and "Don't s" I learned from my fellow strong women entrepreneurs from across Pakistan and the World during my entrepreneurial journey. •Do believe that an entrepreneur who is a team player will seldom suffer work burnout! When you trust your people and their work and have ability to identify and appreciate their skills you can get quality performance which they themselves even can’t believe they can do. •Do hire mostly female staff as you can provide opportunities and economic independence for the stability of women who are unemployed or looking for work again after baby breaks or those who are only allowed to work with females. •Do Your hard work! Your honesty, dedication, and effective time management skills will take you ahead. You can always work on your skills but you need to be persistent and In order to win you must have the will. •Do enjoy your work and be in love with your start up no one can stop you to take the lead. •Do try to recognize your strengths and weak

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