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Few things you must know while expanding your local business to global! From Pakistan to anywher

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From Pakistan to anywhere and from anywhere to Pakistan! Taking your business at next level and being global to expand it, is a desire of almost many serious business people. To ensure that one is on the right track towards their organizational or business expansion within and outside their regions. It is also important to know the regional area where one wants to start their business operations. It is also variable for different industries due to government policies variations. In order to work on it in an organized and effective manner one should not ignore following important things which are subject to change in policies and procedures. Pakistan is an agro-industrial economy with a huge population of 160 -to 200 million people to feed and employ, resultantly expecting a strong and growing markets. •What are local Taxes / international duties? •What is the cost related to license to operate outside country? •What is the Information required to be shared with Security Exchange

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